What is the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder




If you need to cure the OCD, you need to remember that the only way to get it, consists on the objective of delete its factor that causes it. This manifestation a problem that causes intrusive thoughts at the level of the mind of the patient and in some cases, there are furthermore, compulsive actions. The cause of the disease is not really known, but most psychologists say that it consist in a certain combination of mental traits and childhood traumatic mental events. That is a key factor simply because to heal the real cause must be the right way to heal the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


The elements that should be responsible of the cause of the disorder are the education received, the excessive protection in the education received by their mom. It can exist too as a consequence of the existence of childhood traumas, and things like these. The most important of the factors that can trigger the OCD is the pressure of the work. Let's explain some practical examples of compulsive actions, some of them are:

Cleaning their arms several times.

The checking that the windows are closed and other cases of checkings.

To display the things in a very specific position.

To carry out several mental rituals related to think about numbers or letters.


Most of the treatments are not as effective as one might like. That is a consequence of the reality that a lot of therapies, as well as cognitive therapy, often can't cure the anxiety. It is due to the situation that most psychological procedures can't to erase the real cause of the disorder. If we need to cure the OCD we have to know that you need overcome the causal factors. The only treatments that are strongly effective in the success of the objective o being free from the the anxiety manifestation are the the bioneuroemotion and the meditation. Those are things that affect the unconscious mind. Once this is fixed, the anxiety is going to be cured.

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Let's see the power of psychoanalysis. It was developed by the wise doctor Sigmund Freud, and heavily influenced by his pupil Jung. It`s useful to have a better understanding because the therapy makes subconscious emotions to be integrated, and therefore they stop reinforcing the OCD symptoms, and that makes the cure to get possible. Despite that it's a very expensive therapy, due to the fact that  it is needed a very high number of days of therapy in order to experience the OCD to begin to cure. It might imply it's quite expensive to cure the OCD if one choose the psychoanalysis.

For healing the best treatment has been the BioNeuroEmotion, that is a therapy developed by a spanish guy. It's a treatment that brings up the influence of our ancestors in our personality, and one of the tools is the study of the genealogical tree.   You can find more ideas about OCD if you visit this web page.


As we told, the most frequent real examples about compulsive are things like the act of washing someone's hands repeatedly, checking than the doors are closed properly, and to put the objects in a certain disposition. It's also frequent to wash the living room several times, to try to keep the house very cleaned and free of virus. The persons understand than that kind of rituals are a problem but they are not able to no not to repeat them. If they don't do them they begin to feel high levels of anxiety and the only system to stop the anxiety is to be making the compulsive acts. The typical treatments help to reduce those levels of distress but usually it doesn't suppress those feelings.


Some guys who suffer compulsive acts have not been diagnosed, therefore they can't even search for help. They know that they do things that are not normal. But they usually don't fully understand why, and how is the process to cure the OCD. As you might comprehend this can be very painful from the psychological point of view due to these painful emotions. These people are suffering and they don't tell to other people because deep down they are afraid of being judged. In case you are a parent of a guy who you suspect that can being suffer this disease, the best action you can do consists of talking with him and to inform him everything about this problem and talk about the high importance of search for someone to help you. It's also highly good to show to that person your support and faith. It's important to convey that person that he won't be alone. That may help hugely.


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